What to Expect in Counseling with Me

Successful psychotherapy requires you to feel comfortable enough to share your life with me. At Houston Counselor, I strive to maintain a safe, accepting, and encouraging environment to give you the best possible opportunity for positive change.  Although it’s natural to feel nervous at first, clients often comment that their first-session jitters disappear quickly. Many of my clients feel significantly more hopeful about their future after just one meeting.

During our sessions, I will ask a lot of questions, listen carefully for patterns, and help you make the connections between your past experiences and present perspectives.  Although I actively participate by providing support and encouragement, I can be quite direct and no-nonsense at times.

Like many therapists, I use a variety of counseling techniques. To help you feel better quickly, I often use cognitive behavioral therapy methods to address symptoms, such as anxiety or sleep disruptions, and provide techniques for reducing stress. Sometimes, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is helpful to reduce the negative effects of a traumatic experience. Once you’re feeling better, you should find that therapy progresses more quickly.

It’s rare for a client to remain in therapy with me for many months. More likely, you’ll feel better quickly and move on, returning occasionally for a “tune-up” or when life becomes difficult. Many of my clients refer their friends and family members to me for counseling as well.

You don’t have to tough it out alone. Contact me. I want you to more fully enjoy your life!